House Rules

The guest is obligated to comply with the rules of house. An infringement can lead to the termination of the lease.

A. General information
1. Nothing may be thrown from the balconies or from the windows.
2. No laundry is to be laid out or hung out on the balconies and terraces.
3. Changes in the rooms or pieces of furniture, such as drilling holes or insertion of nails or the like is not permitted.

B. Safety
1. The fire protection regulations must be observed.
2. Barbecuing on the balconies and terraces is not permitted.
3. The windows and balconies are to be kept closed during storms, rain or snowfall.
4. The doors to the stairwells are to be kept closed.
5. No items may be left outside the apartments without permission.
6. In the corridors, stairs, etc., no naked flames or combustible material are permitted.
7. The loss of a key is to be reported to staff immediately. The new key and change of the lock will be charged for.
8. For fire-fighting reasons, no additional equipment such as immersion heaters, hobs, stoves, air-conditioning systems or similar may be set up in the apartments.

C. Waste
1. The household waste must be disposed of in the waste containers provided in the house yard.
2. Strong smelling, foul smelling, inflammable or otherwise harmful substances are to be handed over to the building services, so that they can be properly disposed of.
3. No waste, no harmful liquids or the like may be thrown or poured down the sink or toilet bowl.
4. If the apartment is left with an extraordinary amount of rubbish or heavy contamination, the additional cleaning costs will be charged.

D. Consideration
In order not to affect the house community and also the appearance of house, the following applies to all guests:

1. Peace disturbing noise is to be avoided throughout the house. Slamming of doors, noise, loud conversations, and the like must be avoided in the stairwells and hallways.
2. There is a rest period between 1 pm and 3 pm and from 10 pm to 8 am. Peace disturbing housework or activities are to be avoided during this time.
3. Smoking is only permitted on the balconies and terraces. Smoking is not permitted in the apartments. Costs for additional expenses / cleaning will be charged.
4. Broadcasts, music and TV sets should only be set to a moderate volume.
5. A respectful attitude towards the householders goes without saying. Family members and visitors also must comply with the requirements of house and the house rules.

E. Keeping pets
1. The keeping of pets is only permitted by agreement.